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Welcome to the world of Nileshnevgi

A professional enthusiast in the field of art and direction who have expertise in IP creation, direction and production over the 20 years.
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Our art work is not limited to film and directi​on

The silent Scream
This award winning film is s voice to women, Sexual assault is not just physical, but also mental violence. The trauma leaves the victim scarred for life. Feelings of low self-esteem, self-blame and guilt can endure for a long time after the assault, even when the world around them carries on normally. This film intents to emphasise that rape is a sadistic act and to inspire victims to speak up against it.

Awarded and recognised We recieved a lot of audiance love

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This famous movie represents a character who ​decides the priority in today’s FAST & BUSY lifestyle and reveals mysteries in nature like…“WATER” which is two part Hydrogen & one part oxygen.



“The Silent Scream and H20” has stolen the show and has a rich history of awards with them.It got the best screenplay award at Twilight 2008 in Delhi and selected for MIFF and JIFF (2008).

Nilesh Chandrakant Nevgi
A professional fine art expert who have more than 20 years of experience in the fields of animation, supervising and directing short films with mutual collaboration with many animation companies. 
He is the founder of SCNN production.
He has given numerous award winning and popular shows





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